Õli 10W-40 1L

Kood: 32931F
Tootja kood: 32931
Tootja: FEBI
Päritoluriik: DE
Kaal: 0.871

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Võimalik tellida:>10
Maht(liiter) 1
Spetsifikatsioon MB 229.1
Spetsifikatsioon ACEA A3/B3/B4-08
Spetsifikatsioon API SL/CF
Spetsifikatsioon VW 501 01/505 00
Spetsifikatsioon VW 501 01
Spetsifikatsioon VW 505 00
Viskoossusklass SAE 10W-40
Kaal (kg) 0,95
Hooldusinfot jälgida
Üldine informatsioon SAE 10W-40
Tehniline informatsioon Please be aware there are different specifications
available. We recommend refilling in line with the
manufacturer's specifications. This information can be
found in the owner's handbook, engine compartment, or on
the service schedule. If the specification can not be
confirmed, then please consult the service history as the
oil specification may have been changed for a specific
Üldine informatsioon These products are designed to be used as originally
intended and not modified for purpose. Please ensure the
products are installed by a competent individual. N.B.
products are usually supplied without fitting instructions.
EAN kood 4027816329312
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